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It is a myth that you have to live in a sunny climate to get the most from a solar panel, while yes, sunny countries, such as those in the Mediterranean get a lot of benefit from the use of solar panels, we in the UK can also save money by using them. The sun does not have to be out and shining bright in order for the solar panels to work, any daylight will be sufficient to warm your water or work your lights.

We go behind the science and explain how the solar panels turn the light of day into electricity, which can also be stored for future use if required, so even on the darkest days of winter you can be using the electricity your solar panel created on a brighter day.

You might not be aware but there are several types of solar panel, which all work under the same basic premise, but each manufacturer uses slightly different techniques to garner the same result. Some of these panels might be more suited to your needs, so before arranging an installation it is worth checking out these pages and doing a little research, just to make sure you get the best one for you.

Using green energy is one of the best way to save money on your utilities bills.