Several of the large casinos in Las Vegas are taking a chance and swapping their mains powered electricity for the more eco-friendly solar powered electricity. They are also offering online casinos to save power as well. Check out the online guide to roulette to learn more. They are able to massively reduce their carbon footprint by doing this and can potentially save themselves millions of dollars in the process.

MGM, Wynn and Encore are all paying multi-million dollar penalties to get out of their contracts with their current electricity supplier, NV Energy, as they feel it is more flexible with regards to their needs. Casinos such as these use massive amounts of electricity per day, so much that it is almost hard to fathom how much they would actually be spending on their utilities bills. As one report has stated that MGM is paying almost $87 million as an exit fee then they must surely feel that over time, using renewable energy sources such as solar power is going to be much more cost effective and they will be able to recoup their outlay.

Being located in the desert with an average of almost 300 days per year of sun, solar panels are an obvious choice. Coupled with batteries that get charged, with the ‘excess’ power generated, this means that solar power energy can power the casino, heat the swimming pools and warm the showers of the hotels all year round – and even at night.

The recession and subsequent austerity measures has hit everyone hard, and finding ways to save money, even if it means having an initial outlay to reap the rewards in future, is definitely worth considering. Not just multi million pound businesses like these huge casinos either – average people like you and me can save money on household bills by installing a solar panel system that can pay for itself in a few years.

Just imagine in winter being able to use the heating without fear of rising costs and being unable to face the quarterly bill when it comes through the door!