On residential and commercial properties there are three main types of solar panel. Knowing a little bit about them can help you to make a decision about the type of panel that you want on your own home.

The first type is the mono-crystalline silicon solar panels. These have the smallest solar cells and usually feature a pattern that appears in checks or polka dots. These are considered to be the most efficient of the standard solar panels. If you chose this type of panel it will need to be mounted with a strong frame thanks to the fragility of the panel. When it comes to cost you will find that this panel is also a little more expensive than the others. They do provide more energy production for every square foot of the unit. These are ideal where there is not a lot of roof space.

Poly-crystalline silicon solar panels are the most popular version of the standard solar panel. These cells are cut from multiple crystals. The panel itself is larger than the other panels and while the efficiency is reduced, they are far cheaper to install. Do not be put off by the efficiency levels though, as developments are making them more efficient all the time.

The thin film silicon solar panels are also known as amorphous solar panels. The cells are within a very thin layer of silicon which is then applied to a layer of plastic or glass. These have a much lower efficiency than the other two types of panels. The lack of silicon is a factor in this – they will not produce as much electricity. You should also be aware that this type of panel will take up more roof space but it is better for those who are concerned about the weight of solar panels on their roof.